Five Tips for Communicating With Adolescents
May 6, 2016
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When the Odds are Against You Beat Them

I wrote my first book “It’s Okay to Cry” over 10 years ago.. I’m so excited about the release of “It’s Okay to Cry ~ When the Odds are Against You.”

It’s an awesome feeling because I truly know within my heart I have grown, matured, got wiser, smarter, better, and understand the things that have happened in my life had a purpose. My family takes me to new levels of love and brings out strength I didn’t know l had. My attitude towards relationships are different. I see friendships different. I developed an understanding about life that leaves me feeling peaceful. I smile for no reason. I laugh only because my heart feels like it’s smiling. I love when I thought I had no more love to give. I continue to make a way when there seems no way. I desire for others to be better and grow with me. I hear the sounds of birds that has always been there. I feel the presence of God because I’ve learned to be still and when I pray I listen and not make the prayer one sided.

The way the wind blows feels different. The way the clouds develop look different. The way the sun shines it’s brighter. The way the moon sets it’s peaceful. I developed patience on my journey. I slowed down plenty of times. I stand up for what I believe in. I stopped caring about what others have said about me. My negative thoughts turned into positive thoughts. I see the light in young and old eyes. My tears are little crystals that God placed in my eyes to remind me that I am human and after each tear the energy I release from one tear leaves space for more smiles, love and laughter.

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