Beat the Odds Training (BTOT)

Beat the Odds Training (BTOT) ) is a mindset facilitated through the lens of a personal journey. The journey is a strength-based approach to understanding how to identify, how to use, and when to use effective personal development skills: values, beliefs and coping skills. Beat the Odds is using your personal skill sets that impact how you respond to trauma, how you can heal, manage difficulties in life and the use of effective techniques to achieve positive results and hope. Its practice is very simple to incorporate into all areas of daily living. BTOT is the key to achieving higher levels of success while navigating through life and identifying effective skills sets to overcome crisis, trauma, and hardships in life even as they develop. BTOT can help create self-reliance and courage for every person it serves.

• You can order and read Lynne's books

• Take a training class

• Participate in or watch her powerful speeches
and engage in a consulting session

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Upon completion of the training participants will learn to:

• Recognize/ identify BTO Skills and the impacts of trauma.
• Identify how and when to apply BTO Skills, values and beliefs.
• Recognize their own BTO Skills, coping skills related to overcoming trauma, and their strong values and beliefs.
• Learning to exercise these skills with courage, confidence and competence.
• Recognize you can heal before, after and during trauma or life challenges.

After every speech or interview you will feel:

• Empowered • Inspired • Motivated • Ready to Beat The Odds • Resilient • Courageous

Collaborations/ Guest Speaker:

Hope for Prisoners | Clark County Detention Center | Juvenile Detention Center
Cheyenne High School (LV NV) | Foundation for Recovery | Woodrow Wilson High School (LB CA)
Nevada Partners- Youth Camp | Encite Empowerment | Clark County | Les Brown
Quest Academy | UNLV | City of Las Vegas