Lynne’s father died before she was three-months old. Her drug addict mother raised her. She grew up in an area where she was exposed to sex, drama, drugs and violence at a very young age. She witnessed her aunt’s murder. She was sexually abused and raped by the time she was fourteen years old by two different men. Lynne was a teen mother with three children at seventeen years old. She grew up in the foster care system until she aged out. She had no credits her ninth grade year of high school. Lynne had an abortion that devastated her.

Lynne struggled with shame, guilt, worry, doubt, fears, low self-esteem, anxiety, abandonment, control issues and insecurities most of her life. She was told she would raise her children on welfare, drop out of high school and never earn a graduate degree. It was projected Lynne would abuse or neglect her children. She would become a drug addict or an alcoholic. Further statistics states she would end up homeless, living in a shelter or incarcerated. Due to her trauma, she would suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety, and have suicidal thoughts. She would hate herself and be angry all the time.


Lynne did not allow any of the odds she faced to stop her from success and pursuing a life of wanting to help other people Beat The Odds. She is a stroke, cancer and domestic violence survivor. Lynne is a professional speaker and trainer on how to use your coping skills to overcome trauma, grief, loss and everyday life experiences. She trains adults on becoming a foster or adoptive parent. Lynne earned a MBA degree. She has worked with the Department of Family Services (Clark County) for over 20 years protecting children and providing resources to families. Lynne is the Co-Founder and Director of a nonprofit (SUPA INC) in her community.

Lynne Beat the Odds so others can see it is possible for anyone in spite of life obstacles and challenges. She uses her platform to train and educate youth and adults on how they can beat the odds using their skills and power from within. It was the way she coped and used her values and beliefs during her life experiences is what made the difference.