Hey Ms.Lynne, this Ashley, and I wanted you to know that your doing this 
book has really got me motivated to make my dream come true by trying my 
best to get my book published and have people of all origins all across the 
world reading my book. I think that you are such a positive person, and 
that is what everyone needs in his or her lives. Ever since I’ve known you I’ve 
felt comfortable and confident around you, you give me advice like no 
other, and believe me that’s something that I really need in my life 
right now. I thank you so much for wanting to help me, with my foster care 
situation as well as helping me with my book. (whenever I get it back in my 
possession) Well words are coming short, and the real purpose of this email 
was to let you know that you are very appreciated in my heart. You are 
truly a blessing.

Thank You and God Bless.
Sincerely, Dimples

Hello Miss Jasames,
My name is Keosha. I am reading your book. Its okay to cry. I bought
the book from your son Patrick, From the Introduction on out; it has been very hard for me to put this book down. I need to hurry up and finish so I don’t get in trouble at work, that’s how good it is. I am on chapter 15, and I bought the book on Friday. I
 feel like God wanted me to read this book, because I can relate to every
 chapter in it. Sad, but true. It is like you are telling everyone about my life, but in your character. I have cried so hard, and laughed so hard, It is just Ironic how similar our lives are. There is so much I can say in this email. You know how us women could be when we have something to get off our chest. I am writing a poem book. I write and sing to get things off my mind, or chest, or heart. What ever it may be. Anyhow, I just wanted to compliment you. I admire you as a Black Woman who is making through the walks of Gods will. It does take a lot of Faith, ‘ I know’ especially going through some of the trials and tribulations you have been through. Stay encouraged. You shine! God
Bless You.

Truly, Keosha!

I have learned it is ok to cry. You have to let it out of you. I have had a lot of thing 
 happen in my life I hope your words in this help more like it helped me. I will not forget you and wanted to tell you were my favorite staff in child haven Breanna
Lamon D Welch-Waltkeem
Company The Promise Land, Inc U are a strong, black sista, mother and inspiration to all, whom find this book may they too, CRY.

Lynne Jasames has been an inspiration to me since I was a teenager. Her struggles and her strength are phenomenal. She can change a lot of young women’s outlooks on life especially if they have gone through similar circumstances. She gives hope to what seems like hopeless situations. Her book will take you through all emotions and leave you with hope at the end. Thank you Lynne for being a guide whenever I fell off track.


My name is Ashanti Watson and I want to give thanks and appreciation to one of the biggest Inspirations and Role model’s in my life Ms. Lynne Jasames. From the age of 13 there was something that continued to draw me towards her .As all the kids played and swam I clinged to her vibe and ora she put out .I took interest in learning how she moved while becoming a teenager/ young woman. She taught me a lot all the way from how to carry myself, represent myself, how to talk, she taught me manners, appearance, confidence, respect, and diligence. She always seemed to be 8 places at once almost as a superficial Human-being. She taught me to still love my mom no matter what and not to let the world change my heart. She raised me to be a strong black woman and just because I cried that didn’t mean it made me weak.

Reading her story motivated me not to ever have an excuse she taught me excuses were tools of incompetence, and how to speak good things into existence. Her mentorship towards me has helped me beyond measures, her advice has prevented positions I could have put myself in where my back would be against the wall and I just want to say I love and appreciate you.

LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE J. You will change woman all over the world just look at what you’ve done to me.

Lynne Jasames the name its self has so much positivity. I always believed that God would put certain people in your life for a reason. I met Lynne when I was 19yrs old. I was a young woman who had two children. I was confused as to what I wanted or what I deserved as a young woman. Lynne had always had encouraging words to say whether you wanted to hear them or not, she continuously kept them straight forward, honest, and positive. Lynne never treated me differently. She always had seen the best in me. To this day, I know that because of Lynne my life made a drastic change. I’m no longer that young naïve teen and I have become an amazing mother and wife. I appreciate Lynne because not only has she been an amazing impact on my life, but 9 years, 6 kids later and a husband later Lynne ceases to amaze me with her support.

Shaneka Jackson