When the odds were against Lynne, she beat them! She pregnant again is what they said, two years in a row! Now 17 years old, pregnant, with two children and in foster care, Lynne had heard all the negative attitudes she could stand. The statistics alone were upsetting about what her and her children’s future would look like. All she could think about was giving her children a better life than she had. First she had to prove that she could graduate from high school, on time with her senior class, while caring for three children. After getting past graduation it was time to move out and began motherhood without being overseen by the foster care system. Lynne got off welfare right after her children were completely released into her care. But a casino job was not enough and there was no way she could give her children a better future than she had and care for her children on such a low income.

After giving birth to her fourth son, Lynne started college and pursued a college degree. An accomplishment that she had not seen within her own family, Lynne had proved statistics wrong once again. Between the failed relationships and family drama, Lynne pressed forward and was able to continue to work hard, watch her children prove statistics wrong, and she accomplished things that nobody could imagine a 17 year old, that was pregnant with two children and in foster care could.

Lynne’s journey included working four jobs at one point, getting past failed relationships, keeping up with her family, caring for a niece full time along with her own four children at times, she has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a master’s degree in Business. Lynne has been employed with the Department of Family Services for over 17 years, where she is currently employed today.

Lynne self published a book titled “It’s Okay To Cry.” Lynne wrote about how she got past those negative experiences and continues to press forward no matter what. Lynne has endured being in foster care, sexual abuse, being a teen parent, mental abuse, physical abuse, betrayal, death of family members, how she overcame an abortion and so much more (which includes having sex with a 21 year old man before she was 14yrs old).

Lynne started her own company, Jasamesinc and is able to be a motivational speaker in her community, and facilitated a mentorship program for 12 weeks. Lynne was able to be featured on the channel 8 news, do guest appearances on the radio shows (one with County Commissioner Weekly), she designed her own fragrance line (Sexy Tears) with a complimentary creme, and is in the process of completing a children’s book, “Momma said It’s Okay To Cry.”

Always wanting to do more, be a better woman, and take on new challenges, Lynne is expanding upon her story and giving her audience more details and a better of understanding about why “It’s Okay To Cry”.

Recently taking on a new way to be of service to others and demonstrate how to beat the odds, Lynne is the Director of a Non-Profit Organization: SUPAINC (Supporting Underprivileged Americans). She has partnered with her oldest son, Patrick Clark II (Founder) and they aim to ignite the talents and skill sets of American’s young people so that they may become productive, healthy, purpose driven community members while further providing training and increased skill sets in American’s adults. Mentorship programs, parenting skills trainings/workshops, educational programs, turkey give a-ways, toy drives, back to school functions, unleashing talent programs, and so much more.